Meet ED; the forging of two creative minds,


ED is young and creative. With collaboration at the forefront of the ED practice, creative magic truly unravels.  

In 2019, Elke & Drew teamed together as two freelance practitioners in their separate fields to provide a unique service to both established and start-up businesses.

ED is the collision of brand and interior. The fusion of user experience and conscious design. 

Elke Gill

Elke is an emerging creative practitioner with a focus on environmentally conscious design.

Her passions lie in creating interactive experiences through motion and digital art, designing and producing laser cut jewellery, and utilising her skillset in visual design and marketing to build brands.

Elke has ambition to create memorable and conscious brands, as well as design digital and physical spaces that insight thought, inspire feelings and tell stories.

Gelato Lovin’

In a past life Elke scooped Gelato for a living. She scored the job by illustrating herself with 1000 scoops of ice cream on her head and popping it at the front of her resume. 

Day after day she scooped for the people of Coolangatta while dreaming of a time when she could design a space and brand that had just as much love as the shop she worked for.

Now, she’s lucky enough to be living her dream…with frequent trips to get a scoop. 

Her favourite flavour you ask? Liquorice, yep…you read it right. 

Drew Magnum

Drews passion lies in creative problem solving to develop and present architectural solutions that meet user, functional and aesthetic needs now and for the future. Being a creative, Drew enjoys creating works that intertwines her passions of architecture and art.

Mixed media architectural and interior inspired collages are a way she expresses her ideas and thoughts about our ever-changing future.


There’s nothing better than a delicious ice cream made from fresh, tasty ingredients. 

Drew funded her way through uni by making ice blocks. 

Making ice blocks is not much different to designing a house. You just need all the right, high quality ingredients that work well together…with a few secret add in’s that she’s not willing to share just yet. 

Get creative with ED

Let’s meet up for gelato and talk business. 

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We acknowledge the Traditional Owners, the Bundjalung Nation, of the land on which we work and serve. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging, and extend that respect to all First Nations people present here today.